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Amazon Best Seller "I've been in the book industry for years as an author and a distributor. 
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 " Mark Levy, author, Accidental Genius

This report details the blow-by-blow account of how I became an Amazon
#1 Best-Seller within 48 hours of my books official launch.  Do you think best-selling books occur by accident?  What the big authors aren't telling you
is that every step of the process is deliberate and calculated
.  Would you like to call yourself "#1 International Best-Selling Author?"  What would that mean for your business? 
Of course this added credibility would increase the sales for any product or service you recommend. 
The question is, will you follow these steps yourself?

Yes! I would like immediate access to Mark Joyner's "How to Be an Amazon Best-Seller in 48 Hours" so I can learn exactly how Mark became an Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author.  I understand the product will be delivered to me in PDF format within minutes of ordering.  Since this is a promotion, I am able to take advantage of this special exclusive pricing.

This easy-to-understand blow-by-blow report shows exactly the steps Mark took to be come a best-selling author.  Nothing is held back.  Nothing is hidden.   He tells everything.

Included in this detailed report:

  • How to Publish Your Book

    We'll tell you everything you need to know:

    - Haven't written a book yet?  No problem, we'll show you how to select an appropriate topic and how to get your book written in no time.  I'll even show you how to find a ghost-writer if you want one (I personally didn't use one.  I wrote every word myself, but I did use a few editors.  I'll show you exactly how to do that.)

    - The 7 things you must know before you even think about going to the printers.  If you miss these 7 your book will fall flat on its face.

    - The pros and cons of publishing methods.  How to get published by a professional publishing house - and - how to do it yourself.

    - How to get your book registered with the proper authorities.  If you miss these little-known steps, no one will distribute your book.  

    - How to get distribution for your book.  We'll give you the magic formula distributors are looking for.

    - How to get your book into Amazon and other online distribution sources.

    - My checklist to see if your book has what it takes to become a best-seller.

    - Much more...

  • The Exact Strategy I Used

    There is a very specific deliberate process I followed.  I'll tell you the exact process (step-by-step) and the reasoning behind it.  (Warning: every part of this process is crucial.  If one single piece is out of place it won't work.  If you only received our emails promoting the book, you're only getting 10% of the story.  There is much more to it than that.  I'll show you every piece of the best-selling author puzzle and how you can put it together yourself immediately.  Anyone with a bit of talent and persistence can do it. I just take out all of the guesswork.)

  • The Precise Tactics I Employed
    (Including the actual marketing materials I used that you can duplicate!)

    - See the actual emails I used to get people to buy the book.

    - See the exact method we employed to rally support behind the book.

    - Learn how to make people fall in love with your book before they even see it.

     - Learn the two clever tactics I used that blasted my book from #2 to #1 - even past a book that was on CNN every 30 minutes!  These two tricks made the difference between "International Best-Selling Author" and "#1 International Best-Selling Author."

  • Much More ...

I understand I am receiving a "12 Month Money Back Guarantee": It's simple: if after faithfully applying the ideas in this report to your own book,  you are not able to achieve at least a Top 10 Best-seller status on Amazon, we will give you your money back.  Or, if you are not satisfied for any reason, we'll refund all of your money - no questions asked.

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"You may know me as the author of the best-selling series of marketing books of all time: Guerrilla Marketing.  I've never seen someone become a best-seller so quickly.  If I had known Mark Joyner years ago I probably would have sold 10 times the number of books I've sold up to now.  Coming from a guy who really knows how to sell books, I hope you understand what a huge compliment this is.  I really mean it.  If you are even thinking about publishing a book, you're crazy if you don't learn from what Mark did."
Jay Conrad Levinson, author, Guerilla Marketing


How to Become an Amazon Best-Seller in 48 Hours


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